Home sales vs. dating

OK y’all—I was single for a while after getting divorced.  Like a long while.  During that time, I ventured into a *very brief* stint on Match.com .  I didn’t take it too seriously, which may have been my downfall…much like the downfall of some listings I’ve seen in the MLS.


I read an article recently about how home sellers can take cues from online dating.  Basically, it goes like this…the better the pictures and the more information you give…the more matches you make.  And maybe one of those matches will end up being “the one”.  It totally makes sense…I didn’t add a picture to my Match profile at first because well…I didn’t take it seriously.  Then, I thought, well…maybe I should just to see what happens.  So I did.  And Good Lord.  The messages started and I got overwhelmed and shut it down.  Ha!  But seriously, think about that for a second.  No pictures=no matches.  How many of you would click on a profile with no picture?


In this day and age, the more information the better.  People research everything online. Personally, I want to get as much information as possible about something from the comfort of my own home before venturing out and taking a chance of encountering a dud.  That being said, I don’t know how many times I’ve been out with clients and they say, “Wow…this place looked WAY better in the pictures”.  I get it, that stinks.  But, let’s think about this…THE PICTURES BROUGHT THE BUYERS…The pictures were SO GOOD that the home made the buyer’s list and they went to look.  You have to get people in the house before they can make a decision…now, I’m not saying to put up unrealistic pictures like the middle aged dude on Match who is still using his college fraternity pics to try and woo the ladies. Don’t be unrealistic, y’all.  Just present what you have in the best possible way.  Look at the differences in these photos (same space, same furniture-just presented differently):


*These photos and more can be found in their original content by clicking HERE

My team leader has always proclaimed that real estate is like dating and I totally agree.  As a buyer, you go through lots of houses before finding the right one.  You know what you are looking for and once it feels right, you commit.  So sellers, how are you going to make yours stand out to attract the best buyers?  If you were going on a date, would you shower?  Would you dress nicely? Would you go get your hair cut?  You want to put your best foot forward from the beginning if you want to have any chance at all of something working out, so I am going to assume yes to those questions above.  So why would you not do the same when it comes to presenting your home to potential buyers?  It doesn’t take much to clean up the place, slap a new coat of paint on the walls, get rid of clutter (and any funky smells), and keep your home looking fresh for all those potential matches.  The quicker you get those things figured out, the quicker you’ll find your buyer match.  And as always, we’re happy to play matchmaker.  We have dealt with our fair share of transactions, so we know that eventually everything works out and everyone ends up exactly where they need to be. 😉



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