From 3 to 4…

I bought a house last April.  It was a 3 bedroom house with a flex room off the front entry that was being used as as a dining room.  The room made absolutely no sense as a dining room.  Like none.  There is a little hallway that leads into it with a bathroom and it grossed me out to think about walking right by the toilet with my food.  Or worse, what if someone dropped a deuce while everyone was eating in the dining room and the smell lingered in from the bathroom? Like I said, no sense whatsoever.  However, I knew it totally made sense as a 4th bedroom and that it would be a fairly easy conversion.  We moved in and that became Blake’s room.  I tossed around lots of different ideas for how I could enclose the room, but he actually enjoyed having his room open to the rest of the house.  I thought about doing big sliding barn doors, so he could still enjoy the open concept but I could hide the mess when people were coming over.  Then I thought about doing regular double doors, more like an office feel.  I thought about planking that wall with reclaimed wood, using shiplap, or even making a giant chalkboard wall in the entry…but I really never came up with a solid plan. Much like the rest of the house, it flows so well and is so comfortable, that I really don’t feel an urgency to update things right away (even though, wow…things need to be updated, lol!).  So…summer came and went, the holidays came and went…and really I hadn’t thought too much about doing any home renovating because of time and money and indecision.  However, shortly after the New Year…my main squeeze moved in.  Between the two of us, we have 6 kids!  Blake was actually super excited to get his “first roommate”, but it became evident pretty quickly that we needed to add some organization and close in their room to cut down on some of the chaos.  The ideas started flowing and then I just stood back and watched as Michael worked his magic…I’m kidding.  I helped.  Sorta. (OK, not really).  It was actually amazing how it all came together.  We didn’t exactly know at first what material we wanted to use in that entry nook, but I had leftover planks that I used at the ceiling in my last house.  I ran over there and grabbed them out of the attic and we literally had just enough to plank that space.  We’re still deciding on how to paint or stain those, but overall, we love how it turned out!  In the room-he totally designed and built the closet, kept the existing carpet, used leftover flooring for the closet, and freshened up the walls with leftover paint from the master bedroom.  I used a paint sprayer to spray the inside of the closet.  It was my first time, so I feel like I learned a lot (like don’t spray the inside of closets with a paint sprayer).  It was actually fine, but I feel like I wasted a lot of paint.  I used almost as much painting that closet as I did the entire room.  I also oversprayed and got it all over the plaid wallpaper that Blake liked, but I peeled it off and found a decent surprise of blue striped wallpaper underneath.  Kinda worked, lucky day!  Anyway, it just goes to show you that very simple and inexpensive changes can be made that will add a ton of value to your home.  It is also important to realize the potential in a home, even when it’s outdated or the style doesn’t match yours.  Anything is possible, y’all!


Looking into the entryway from the room.


Looking into the room from the entryway


And the framing begins


Getting closer…


Adding the closet framing


Finished product in entry


Saved a ton of room by moving the table into the nook


Closet built out


Preparing to paint


First attempt at using a sprayer


Result of using said sprayer


Wallpaper under plaid wallpaper that got sprayed (oops)


Leftover paint from my bedroom made the room way brighter!


Bins from Dollar Tree helped organize the space!


Doors were added


And just like that, we went from 3 bedrooms to 4!


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