Finding Home.


I have lived in several houses.  Some for a long time, some for a short while.  There are some that stick out as more meaningful than others, but none that have ever felt more like home than the one I am in now.  Everything about it is perfect.  The size, the location, the backyard, the feeling you get when you walk in the front door, who I share it with, etc…

As a buyer’s agent, my job is to find clients their home- their safe place, their comfort, their sanctuary away from the crazy outside world.  I take my job seriously and I want what is best for all my clients.  I understand the emotions involved when you find that perfect house and I want that feeling for everyone.

In this current market, nothing is more discouraging than finding that perfect house for a client and then getting beat by multiple offers.  You watch your clients fall in love with a home—they imagine how their furniture will fit, they talk about the parties they could have in the backyard, they dream of starting their family there—and then you have to deliver the harsh reality that someone else will be living their dream.  It gets frustrating for everyone involved, especially when it happens several times.

Buying a home is a big step for anyone, but oftentimes it represents a big life change so emotions are already high.  When it doesn’t work out, it can be heartbreaking because it means the process has to start all over again.  However, as with life, it’s best to take every setback as a chance to learn something new. It’s best to understand that if something doesn’t work out, there is a good chance that something better is on the horizon.  You just have to pick your head up, focus and move forward (doesn’t mean you can’t mouth off a string of expletives first or even cry a bit if necessary).  Sometimes the path is a little crazy, but eventually it will lead you home.

PS- If you or someone you know wants to sell a house in West Round Rock with a pool, hit me up! Please!


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